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State Press Places: The rush of skydiving with none of the risk

(11/21/18 3:32am)

The sensation of plummeting towards the Earth with none of the life-jeopardizing hassle is now available just a short drive from the ASU Tempe campus. iFLY Indoor Skydiving offers a chance to free fall in a large wind tunnel to simulate the experience of actual skydiving. If that's not enough for you, they also combine this experience with virtual reality goggles, placing you in a variety of locations around the world for all your globetrotting desires.

State Press Places: Easygoing axe throwing

(11/14/18 2:24am)

The spread of competitive axe throwing is in full swing as locations continue to spring up throughout the U.S. Originally from Pittsburgh, LumberjAxes, an axe throwing facility, opened a new location in Tempe just this year. They welcome any and all seeking to hurl sharp objects with their friends. Housed in a former warehouse, this axe throwing range offers plenty of lanes to accommodate any party size. 

State Press Places: A virtual reality arena built for the height of video game immersion

(11/09/18 3:13am)

As we continue to push the limits of virtual reality technology, getting a glimpse at what the experience entails has become progressively easier. The in-home usage of these goggles is mainly limited to online multiplayer video games in confined spaces. However, developments in this technology have enabled its application in a host of new environments. 

State Press Places: The mysterious castle looming over Phoenix

(10/25/18 1:41am)

Built with scavenged materials strewn about the Arizona Desert, an 18-room, 8,000 square foot mansion looms over the valley from South Mountain. Known as the "Mystery Castle," this Phoenix Point of Pride offers tours from October through May and welcomes anyone seeking to admire an architectural wonder of the Arizona. After mysteriously deserting his wife and child in the early to mid twentieth century, Boyce Luther Gulley migrated to Phoenix and, throughout the remainder of his life, dedicated his time to building the castle for his daughter.

State Press Places: A class for goat lovers and yoga enthusiasts

(10/03/18 2:08am)

The chance for students to experience the viral sensation of combining farm animals and meditative exercise comes in the form of Arizona Goat Yoga.  Just a half hour from the Tempe campus, April Gould along with her business partner Sarah Williams, hope to foster a community for anyone with a curiosity for yoga and a love of goats. They host classes for upwards of 150 to 200 people every week, and welcome anyone looking for an unorthodox yoga experience or simply an opportunity to play with baby goats.

State Press Places: Unconventional relaxation found at a cat lounge

(09/26/18 2:29am)

Within walking distance of the ASU Tempe campus lies Arizona's first cat café, La Gattara Cat Lounge & Boutique, which seeks to provide a space for relaxation and an outlet for cat adoption. This cat lounge harbors over two dozen cats at any point in time, and patrons are encouraged to come and relieve their stresses all-the-while establishing a relationship with any one of the café's cats. Though La Gattara mainly serves as a sort of "safe space" with cats, it also hosts a variety of events that may be enticing to any ASU student in search of a memorable night. In addition, the café accommodates with a student's interest in mind, providing student discounts, semester passes and free Wi-Fi. 

State Press Places: The experimental eco-city tucked away in the Arizona desert

(09/20/18 3:35am)

Located a mere hour from central Phoenix, Arcosanti is an "experimental new town" set on being a blueprint for how society could adapt to the ever-increasing need to remain sustainable in cities. Arcosanti prides itself on its eco-minded architecture in an attempt to combat the effects of not just urban spawn, but over reliance on energy resources. In addition, the community hosts a wide variety of events open to the public all throughout the year. 

State Press Places: Simply Smashing offers "recreational destruction"

(09/06/18 2:57am)

The pent up emotions surrounding life at a University can understandably be overwhelming. However, there now exists a service which grants you the opportunity to expel your negative emotions in an unorthodox and surprisingly therapeutic way. Simply Smashing, a rage release room, is a relatively new business located just minutes from the Tempe campus and it offers anyone, as they say, "a safe place to lose control."

The subterranean world just below ASU

(04/13/18 1:49am)

You may have heard of the legends surrounding the tunnels just beneath ASU, but once you know the reality of what they are, they become far less mysterious. They serve a vital role in regulating building temperature, providing electricity, data security and even can act as passageways for students and police in the case of an emergency. Despite their allure, the tunnels are far more dangerous than they may seem. For this reason, facilities management isn't known for advertising them. Not only are the tunnels stocked with potential hazards, but trespassers are also turned over the law enforcement. 

State Press Play: The mysterious music around ASU

(03/30/18 1:50am)

If you're like most people, you've probably never considered that the resounding sound of bells you hear around the Memorial Union actually have a deep history surrounding them. If you've ever had the pleasure of listening to the 20-minute long symphony everyday at 5 p.m., or even the briefer chimes throughout the day to signify the changing of the hour, then you've experienced one of the most sacred traditions at ASU that many people don't even know exists.

State Press Play: The unknown right of jurors

(03/16/18 1:30am)

One might think that a functioning society would rely on a populace being fully informed of their rights, especially in court. And as most college students have reached the age where they're eligible for jury duty, it's imperative that we understand what we are and aren't allowed to do in court. While the common misconception is that jury members are bound by the options of guilty or not, there is actually an additional option that few people know of and courts will not tell you about. The concept of judging the laws being applied in a certain case or even how the defendant will be punished, rather than their guilt is what is known as jury nullification. 

Should students be concerned about secondhand vaping?

(02/28/18 3:06am)

With the rise of e-cigarettes in recent years, especially on college campuses, it's a fair concern of many to be worried about inadvertently breathing vapor that still has uncertain health effects at best. Due to how relatively new the practice is, there are still a lot of questions left to be answered as to how cautious we should be about taking action against it. While the future of vaping's public use still remains uncertain, it's important that we understand what e-cigarette emission contains for students still wary.