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Don't waste your money upgrading your iPhone

(09/12/13 12:00am)

Apple announced Tuesday the newest edition of the iPhone will go on sale Sept. 20. It will be an upgrade to the iPhone 5, and will come in two different models, the iPhone 5S and the less expensive iPhone 5C. I don’t care. I received an iPhone 4 as a gift almost two years ago. At the time, it was the newest model, but the iPhone 5 was set to be released in a few months. I love my iPhone 4 and do not need nor want an upgrade, and I spend a lot of time on my phone. Twitter, Facebook, email and texting take more of my time than I care to admit, and I have not once run into an issue with how fast it runs. Along with being faster than the older versions, the new iPhones will have a longer battery life, a better camera, a touchpad recognition feature and will come in many colors. It will also be thinner and lighter.

Devil Dish: I hate the Dodgers. But...

(08/21/13 10:00pm)

I hate the Los Angeles Dodgers. Always have, always will.That being said, what the Dodgers are accomplishing right now is nothing short of remarkable.A long, long time ago, the Dodgers trailed in the NL West by 9.5 games. Then they decided that losing was for everyone else in the league and rattled off a 42-8 run.They now lead the NL West comfortably and are World Series favorites with a 9/2 line, according to sickens me to see the Dodgers doing what they are doing, but even I can appreciate greatness when I see it.The most impressive thing about this run is the absence of their best player, Matt Kemp. The team has established a “next in line” mentality that leads to AJ Ellis and Nick Punto winning games.That kind of attitude is normally reserved for teams that didn't spend a bajillion dollars constructing their roster.This is a terrifying team, and the only question is if their run will continue through October. Vegas certainly thinks so. I, meanwhile, will sit in my room with a Yasiel Puig voodoo doll and hope for a postseason collapse.Smart money says that won’t happen.