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ASU underclassmen shouldn't feel pressured to live in student housing

(02/17/16 3:53am)

I’m an out-of-state student, which means the total amount of debt I’ll accumulate by the time I graduate will be more than I’m comfortable admitting. But, that was a choice my parents and I made together. We all agreed that ASU was the best option for me despite the cost. One thing I didn’t have a choice in was where I would be living my freshman year.

Don't boomersplain your feminism to me

(02/09/16 1:40am)

The political and social climate of this year’s presidential election has gotten me used to having things boomersplained to me by people with the wisdom and "experience” to know what they’re talking about. I guess they think whippersnappers like myself don’t know how to read a history book, and therefore, can't shape an informed opinion.



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