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An ASU student's perspective on Mexico City's deadly earthquake

(04/12/18 2:17am)

On Sept. 19, 2017, I was sitting at a table on the Tecnológico de Monterrey Ciudad de México campus reviewing a PowerPoint presentation I was supposed to give that evening. I was enjoying the sun and the low hum of conversations that flows through the halls and plazas of any college campus, which is surprisingly less distracting when it occurs in a language that’s not your own. And then, the world started to shake.

Hop on the intercampus shuttle: It might change your life

(12/02/16 6:14am)

You've seen them before: the double-decker buses that are a bright yellow color, which is obnoxiously un-gold, with bolded letters on the side that announce to the world just who's "#1 in innovation." But if you don't regularly commute between campuses, you probably simply ignore the intercampus shuttles, thinking to yourself how nice it is that everything you need is on one campus.

It's time to rethink solitary confinement

(11/17/16 6:04pm)

Imagine that this week, you were confined to an eight-foot by 10-foot room. There are no windows, and your only contact with the world comes in the form of a small slot in the door through which you receive your food. You are in this room, alone, for at least 23 hours a day. When you are lucky, you are released for one hour to exercise. When you are not lucky, there isn’t anyone available to let you out at all.