Letters to the Editor: April 7

Calling on Conan

Dear President Crow,

Knowingly or unknowingly, by inviting the president of the United States to deliver our commencement address last year you have unintentionally spoiled the current graduating class. As a senior myself, I speak for my many classmates when I say that we expect a person of like magnitude this year who can create and elicit that same buzz around campus.

Now, I understand no one can replace the cachet of Barack Obama himself; however, I do believe there does exist a man who could inspire a very similar level of excitement. That man’s name is Conan O’Brien.

Mr. O’Brien epitomizes what every Sun Devil should aspire to be. In his farewell speech given during his final episode as Tonight Show host, Mr. O’Brien displayed the utmost class, integrity and self-respect — qualities every Sun Devil should strive to one day possess.

In addition to being an outstanding comedian and writer, Mr. O’Brien also has experience delivering commencement addresses before.

By inviting such a relevant and in-demand personality, Arizona State University stands to benefit from copious amounts of national press coverage and positive PR, further exposing millions around the country to the University’s vision of a “New American University” and its mission to prove you can increase quantity without having to sacrifice quality.

Upon looking at Mr. O’Brien’s availability, it appears as though such an engagement is actually quite feasible.

I realize there is a good chance that a speaker has already been booked, however, I for one, along with my many classmates would be thrilled at the opportunity to hear Mr. O’Brien send us off into the Sonoran sunset during that glorious Arizona morning.

As a man who hasn’t been asked to give a university graduation speech in over a decade, I’m sure Mr. O’Brien wouldn’t mind the invitation as well.

Joshua Provost


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