Devil Dish: Sept. 20

For all of you who bleed maroon and gold, Saturday’s loss to Wisconsin was a heartbreaker.

Isn’t that the type of game that has come to define what being an ASU fan is all about? The Sun Devils find new and unique ways to break the hearts of their fans.

Some of the stuff that happened in Madison on Saturday I have never seen before.

I have never seen a kick returner dragged down one foot from the goal line with no time left on the clock; a chip shot field goal missed early on; an easy touchdown pass dropped; a measly extra point away from tying the game, but it’s blocked.

In other words, just another game for ASU fans getting their hopes up only to see them dashed.

Now let’s step back. I am encouraged with the way ASU played. But then again, I was encouraged after the Georgia heartbreaker last season.

If you are a freshman on campus, get used to it. Being a Sun Devil fan tests your fan-hood. However, you keep coming back for more.


Odds are, eventually something will go ASU’s way. I may just not be alive to see it.

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