Letters: Sept. 7

Missed opportunity

(In response to Matt Hendley’s Aug. 31 article “Panel denounces anti-affirmative action initiative.”)

To clarify, [Arizona] already outlawed affirmative action in the 70s. This bill will remove Equal Opportunity Programs, which are in place to ensure that the universities can retain already qualified students by providing the resources and support needed to meet the unique needs of minority students and women.

This amendment, if successfully passed, could put some of our most cherished programs such as Summer Bridge, the Multicultural Student Services Center and the brand new Women’s Resource Center at risk. Research Ward Connerly for some background on the running history of his legislation.

Steve Russell


(In response to Yvonne Gonzalez’s Aug. 29 article “Students protest Brewer at Sun Devil pep rally.”)

I believe this protest was a bit misguided. Like [Gov. Jan Brewer] or not, she is still governor. She was there to support ASU football and that’s what she did. Her coming to ASU had nothing to do with [Senate Bill] 1070. It is the same with President Obama being at the 2009 graduation; regardless of how people feel about him or any other political figure, it is an honor to have them take time out of their day to speak to us as a school.

Michelle Stevens


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