Boos & Bravos: Dec. 3

Bravo to the ASU football team for bringing the Territorial Cup back to Tempe after two years in Tucson. We can’t even pick an MVP from this game; too many players made it possible. From Thomas Weber’s 5-for-5 day kicking field goals to James Brooks’ two blocked extra points and Brock Osweiler’s gutsy performance, the Sun Devils did it all and gave ASU fans one sweet memory from what’s been a mostly painful season.

Bravo to NASA. This may be the best thing since touching the moon. Scientists announced Thursday that they think a poison-loving microbe, which resembles a teeny-tiny Tic Tac, found in the mud of a California lake may be proof of extraterrestrial life. Although we don’t look forward to a likely resurgence in UFO sightings to follow the viral hype that has already followed the Science article, it’s certainly exciting to think we may not be alone. However, as long as the final frontier is still just an idea found at the bottom of a lake, we’re going to keep rooting for that water on Mars.

Boo to FIFA for choosing Qatar for the 2022 World Cup. World soccer’s governing body chose a country full of many promises, including an ‘island stadium.’ Just as soccer’s popularity looked as if it was expanding in the United States, FIFA pulls the run out on its American fans. Qatar will be hot, and soccer fans will experience temperatures similar to an Arizona summer. Also, how is a country with a fairly strict set of Islamic laws going to handle crowds craving alcohol and removing clothing in the heat? The decision was a head shaker.

Bravo to Whipahol Whipped Lightning. As far as we’re concerned Four Loko is out, and this 35 proof alcohol-infused whipped cream is way in. In fact, we’re surprised this aerosol inebriation hasn’t invaded college campuses before. With three times the amount of alcohol found in a beer and a variety of tasty flavors, such as Amaretto, Tropical Passion and German Chocolate, we’re sure the FDA will search and destroy this innovative product. While it’s still available in Arizona, we suggest you get drunk, like a child.

Boo to Sweden for trying to go after Julian Assange with an alleged sex crime. The sudden motive to detain the white-haired accented guy who just leaked America’s beeswax all over the world seems a little too temporally coincidental. And although we want to ensure that any wrongdoing is met with the golden scales of justice, targeting him for the unrelated WikiLeaks debacle would go too far.


Bravo to the Downtown student government for looking to add to its constitution a third party to review election disputes. This is a belated response to last spring’s elections, during which Andres Cano and his running mate Vaughn Hillyard were disqualified for violating election code bylaws. However, the two candidates requested to have a third party assess the grounds on which they were disqualified. These requests were never met, and the two students conceded the race, albeit under a lot of “pressure” as they told The State Press after the fact.

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