Letter to the Editor: March 7


(In response to the March 1 letter to the editor,  “A horrific thought.”)

I am curious as to what statistics or data the chief of police has based his statement of, "guns make classrooms less safe." Seeing that there really isn't precedence, I don't see how these statements can be anything but subjective.

The author of this particular letter compares ASU to a courtroom and an airport, but there is a problem here — the places mentioned have methods of detecting firearms!

It is nearly impossible to get into these places while carrying, as their metal detectors will go off and you will be apprehended.

As of right now any ban on firearms on the campus isn't enforced, barring some fool waving a gun about, due to the lack of any detection method. (I mean, has anybody even been stopped to be checked for a firearm?)

My point is, how are you so sure there aren't students with guns in their bags everyday? My fear is that somebody that really shouldn't have a gun — say, due to mental instability — has a gun, and is sitting in my class preparing to open fire, while we have absolutely no way to defend ourselves if such an event should occur.

Irresponsible gun owners already bring their firearms to school — we should either institute a method of detection, or allow responsible gun owners the option to protect themselves and fellow citizens.

Ryan Tucker Undergraduate

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