Piece of Craft: A Modern Twist Made Easy

A reoccurring trend in modern art is the idea of minimalism. Pieces that are considered to be minimalist are typically pieces in which the design is stripped down to the work’s bare essentials, highlighting only the piece’s fundamental features. The features that are usually showcased are lines, angles and shapes. Lines and angles in these paintings are very thick and pronounced, standing out from the rest of the painting or piece of art. If there are shapes in the piece, they are colored differently, allowing them to captivate the eyes of the audience. This minimalist attitude in art also seems to be important when considering the current fashion of clothes, furniture, and wall art.

Despite its popularity, this type of art is also very easy to make. I was inspired to try out a technique that uses tape to create a linear pattern on canvas. Thankfully, this artistic recipe is quite simple. The only ingredients you need are a canvas, paint, paintbrushes, and masking tape.

To create a modern, linear look, take your masking tape and lay the tape across the canvas in any fashion you desire. Your lines of tape can cross in any way you want- you can choose to have them cross the entire canvas or only portions of it. Your next step is to paint the whole canvas—you can even paint over the tape, it doesn’t matter. For my painting pictured here, I also chose to use some green and blue spray paint just to spice up my design. Once your piece is dry, peel the tape off the canvas. And with those very simple steps, you are able to create a work of modern art fit for any wall!

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