Spark'd TV: All Aboard

I don’t know about you guys, but “Pan Am” was my most anticipated TV show for this fall. I was superficially excited for the fashion and the atmosphere of the ‘60s, however I was even more pleasantly surprised when a bit of mystery was tossed into the sequence. The show starts off exactly as I could’ve hoped, playing Buddy Greco’s “Around the World,” scanning over the skyline of New York City. It introduces the main characters — a purser named Maggie, sisters named Kate and Laura, and a French stewardess named Colette. They begin by boarding a flight from New York to London on the maiden voyage of the new Clipper Majestic.

One of the main plot lines that I’m really excited about is Kate’s story. The story flashes back six months prior to show her meeting a man in Rome out of chance. He tells her he is part of U.S. government Intelligence. They don’t say much else at this meeting, but during the flight to London, she starts to help with intelligence work by swiping a foreign man’s passport. This really adds another facet to the characters, and I’m excited that they will be three-dimensional characters, and not just a pretty face for the screen.

The show could have a major following. Hypable reports that an estimated 10.87 million viewers watched the pilot episode of the series—a promising start to such a budding show! Another thing I’m particularly excited about for this show is that every week on, they will show clips of actual stewardesses from Pan Am. Here, the real stewardesses show that it wasn’t just a job, but a lifestyle, and came with a lot of perks.

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