Devil Dish: Oct. 26

I’ve never been the biggest basketball fan. Being born and raised in Arizona, I’ve always been a Suns fan, but outside of that, I really only follow the NBA for conversation.

But it amazes me how little the NBA lockout seems to matter to everyone with a stake in the game.

I’m looking at the front page of as I’m typing this, and there’s only one story about the lockout.

It’s about the luxury tax Mark Cuban may or may not have proposed during the latest meeting between the players and owners.

The whole article just sounds like pointless bickering. Where’s the urgency? By all rights, we should be up to our necks in arguments about what LeBron’s high numbers mean at this point in the season or whether or not this is the season that Kobe loses his step for good.

Instead all that comes through are the occasional charity game stories and more details on European teams courting American players.

The NFL lockout was so prominent it almost looks like a publicity stunt.

Right now the NBA is buried under the NFL, the World Series, NCAA football, hockey and even the promise of college basketball in a few weeks.

And the vast majority of casual sports fans like me have barely even noticed that it’s gone.

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