Piece of Craft: Finding the Perfect Scarf Pattern

I’m assuming that after my latest post, all of you made a trip to your local yarn stores, collecting your yarn of choice, knitting needles, and other supplies. Now that you’re all stocked and ready, it’s time to get started on your first knitting project. If you’re a beginning knitter, I have been told that the easiest project to start on is a scarf because typically it’s just straight forward knitting (whereas with a sweater or something like that, you would have to attach your sleeves, find buttons, etc.). If you’re more advanced, start with whatever project you desire!

The next step is figuring out the type of pattern you want to use. Thank god for the Internet in these situations. You can find so many knitting patterns for free linked on various Internet sites.  If you’d rather get your patterns from a more distinguished place, you can buy patterns online from various sites (even places like Etsy have them!). At your local knitting store, you can also purchase patterns or books of patterns for all sorts of projects. At some stores, you may even be able to get your patterns for free. Another way to get patterns is to take a class on a specific technique or talk to friends who are other avid knitters.

Obviously, there are many different ways your scarf can look so there are many different patterns that can be used. For someone who is a beginning knitter like myself (I’ve knitted one or two things in my life but I always need my mom to start and finish my projects because I have no idea what I’m doing, no matter how hard I try), you are going to want the simplest pattern possible.

My favorite set of patterns that I have found on scarves for beginners comes from Stacie Naczelnik, a law student in Seattle who posts easy how-to advice posts on her blog. On her scarf knitting posts, she gives step-by-step instructions on how to knit and purl, as well as showing differences in the various stitches in helping you decide what type of pattern is right for you and your scarf. This woman is great and is extremely helpful throughout her entire blog post. I highly recommend reading this if you are a beginning knitter!

For you more visual learners, check out this video. This video gives an easy tutorial to making a scarf, but also includes directions how to cast on and bind off (my two biggest problems!)

Now get out there and attempt your project.  If you have any further questions, contact me at fbreisbl@asu.edu and I’ll redirect these questions to my mother, who is an expert and who I’ve told over and over again to sell her creations.

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