Broke's the New Black: Living “The Cloud Life”

Aiming to live the high life, Allonte Singfield is undoubtedly shooting for the stars with his new clothing line, The Cloud Life.  Based on the ambitious motto “We Living Successful,” Singfield started his line less than a year ago.  In this Q&A, he shares his inspirations and hopes for TCL.

1) When did you start your company The Cloud Life and how did it all begin?

The company has been in the making for a little under a year now. The idea was always in my head, but I started researching and playing around with different designs, logos, brand names, etc. around March of 2011. The actual production of shirt designs, websites, and everything that the public sees only started three months ago -- and as you can tell it’s been spreading surprisingly fast for such a short time frame. I started the brand because I wanted to put a piece of myself out in the world. I'm with myself every day & I know the hard work I put into my dreams, but I wanted to have something physical, that is a result of my work thus far, to share with the people around me. It’s a way of saying "I have a dream and I'm pursuing a certain life, and this is physical evidence to show everyone that I'm not just talk -- I'm taking actions for every word I speak about 'doing something' or 'making it'."

2) What does The Cloud Life clothing company consist of?

The Cloud Life is a clothing line for those who have the faith, hunger and ambition to be successful, as well as the swagger of a gentleman and the confidence of a leader. The line premiered with three original t-shirt designs and once those quickly sold out, we debuted a line of crewnecks, which also sold out within the first month.  The next round of shirt designs is being printed at the moment and we expect these to sell out just as quickly, if not more so, than the previous items. The line will then continue to expand from there and grow to give the consumers what they want for every season and every occasion. It is a street wear line and it began with t-shirts, but eventually the line will grow to include high-end items that gentlemen can wear to upscale clubs and restaurants (as) a way to represent their street swag while still dressing like sophisticated, grown men. TCL hasn't forgotten about the ladies either! Ideas are also currently in the works for female clothing, although women are still encouraged to support the brand & sport smaller sizes of the “male” products.

3) How is The Cloud Life different than other t-shirt lines? What sets you apart?

The Cloud Life is a brand that is built on life. The inspiration comes from personal experiences and from a drive for success, rather than being inspired by “fashion”. It would be wrong to say that trends aren’t at all considered when it comes to building the brand, but so much more of this clothing line is focused on the message and the mindset that it seeks to portray, rather than just what is “in style” at the moment. It’s the intent behind our clothes and the message the brand promotes that really sets us apart from everyone else on the market; and, because we’re built on a life-long message and mindset rather than current trends, The Cloud Life collection is one that will never go out of style.

4) What inspires you when designing for The Cloud Life?

The inspiration for TCL is like that of no other clothing brand, it is unique and has meaning in every design. Where other designers might like an image and put it on a piece of fabric, TCL clothing is designed with a personal story behind each piece; every image, every word, every color -- they all reflect a personal memory or aspiration of mine and were designed with that specific element in mind. The inspiration behind each item is something that will be made available to supporters on the brand's website and blog as a way for people to get in the mind of the designer and know me on a more personal level. When people know what the clothes that they are wearing represent, and the mindset behind each piece, they will be proud to wear and connect with the brand, as well as to connect with others wearing TCL items, knowing that they all share that same mindset that is represented by the brand.

5) Tell us a little more about you personally.

I was born in Ohio, but raised in California. I moved to Arizona in high school and that's when I started playing football. At 20 years old, I'm still playing football in college and that's my first career choice for my future, but I recently tore my ACL while playing and had to take time off to recover; that time is what led to the start of this clothing line. So my hobbies are things that contribute to my future, such as playing football and working out, designing clothes for this brand as well as doing all of the background work and business aspects required to get it started. I come from a large family with three older brothers (one of which, Pierre Singfield, has been a major contributor to the brand & is a co-founder). A few other people on the TCL team are Jessica Anne, Ty Moss, Devin Cain and Andre Robinson. These are all people close to me who share the TCL mindset and know what The Cloud Life means to me because they've been here since the beginning. The most important thing to know about me, though, is my love for God. My life is proof that if you put Him first, you'll be living a life that others can only dream of.

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