Broke's the New Black: The Bedroom Diaries

I have always believed in the idea that you can tell a lot about someone based on their bedroom. This thought inspired me to start a new series on my blog: The Bedroom Diaries. It will profile a college bedroom that is decorated well, perfectly matches its resident’s style, and was designed on a budget.

Kelsey Pfeffer, 20-year-old journalism student, has perfected the mix between vintage and modern. Her teal, black and white bedroom exemplifies modern trends with a reoccurring geometric pattern. The color palate is simple, only consisting of three colors. Because Pfeffer is a go-getting, ambitious girl with a fully booked schedule, she wanted a bedroom with a clean and refreshing feeling. The bedspread, from ZGallerie (, is the focal point of the bedroom and was the most expensive item. After envying it for over a year, she finally splurged on the bedspread on Black Friday, one of the only discount days for the store. She also attained a matching dining room table runner that she instead uses as an accent on her dresser. Instead of buying a headboard for her bed, Pfeffer bought oversized pillows in a different color to extend the pattern to the upper wall.

Because the bedspread was such an investment, she has utilized money-saving tricks on the other parts of her bedroom. The white silhouette mirror was found on clearance at Joanne’s Fabrics. A Tiffany’s box and bow is used as a matching detail to the teal and white color scheme. Reusing old packaging as a decoration is a great way to save money and create a piece that holds a nice memory. Another go-green tactic Pfeffer uses is an old Pellegrino bottle as a flower vase. Other small accents around the room that centralize the theme include pearls wrapped around her lampshades, a white pin board with crystal pins that she made, and matching candles.

Pfeffer has brought this discounted decorating to other areas of her apartment, including her living room. She made decorative pillows for her couch by hot gluing fabric around old pillows purchased from Goodwill. By wrapping the pillows in the same way you would wrap a present, the pretty folds were accented with a button and look store bought.

Stay tuned for further bedroom profiles and money saving decorating tips in the future. If you like crafting or DIY projects, check out Piece of Craft, another SPM blog!

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