Live and Otherwise: The New KUKQ

Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” and Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” blare in succession from my computer speakers.  These are first two songs that stream from the new KUKQ website dedicated to Arizona alternative music. It’s definitely a good start.

KUKQ is the newest station that’s risen from the ashes of the alternative radio scene in the Valley. Having gone live a few weeks ago, the station’s website now streams both music and on-air commentary at full capacity. Though its call letters have historical significance, it is a completely different animal. The brain child of the now defunct KEDJ and KEXX alternative crewmembers, the new radio webstream is filled with indie gems and interesting personalities.  According to the website, the station completely depends on internet resources. Its social media presence on Facebook is already gaining a strong following. The Facebook page is actually where I first heard the tentative whispers of a new alternative music station on the horizon.  Though the full site is not up and working, the streaming function and links to Twitter and Facebook make it easy to stay up on KUKQ current events. This new institution of independent radio is a treasure trove for those feeling despair over the limited options for alternative rock music in the Valley.  It brings the old flavor of brilliant radio shows (like Craven Moorehead’s Skapunk show) and infuses it with new shows, like the relationship-advice saturated “The Hot Chick and the Homo.” There are new programs being added each day, so exploring the fresh stream is an ever-evolving process.

The new station prides itself on the “participation of artists and listeners” to make the station a completely interactive multimedia experience. I am ecstatic that there is another option added to the independent radio fold. Though there already are some great organizations bringing terrific music to the Valley’s online media, it never hurts when more options are introduced.  The website also says that the new KUKQ is emphasizing that unique mindset that is often removed from commercial radio stations. Time will tell if this is indeed the case, but so far the future of KUKQ is sounding just right.

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