Piece of Craft: Watermark T-shirts

As most of you know already, I’ve been making random things for a long time.  I love crafting so much and I think I’m very lucky to have so many friends that support this by admiring my work, asking me how to make various things, and sending me links and tutorials to things I should make.  Honestly, many of my ideas for posts or projects even come from my friends, whether close or simply an acquaintance that finds a great idea that they want me to try.  Today’s post is no exception.

Dying shirts is almost customary -- it’s nothing new.  But when you add something special and unique to dying a shirt, that’s when I take notice.  A friend of mine sent me a link to a blog called U-Create, which features a variety of creative and crafty projects.  In one particular post, the author, a college student herself, discusses a way to make watermark tees using any T-shirt, dye and Elmer’s glue.

For this project, you first wash your shirt (just rinsing it in a sink works) and then lay it out on a flat surface.  Then, use the Elmer’s glue to write, draw, whatever you want on your shirt.  This could be anything from poetry, song lyrics and quotes to pictures or abstract designs.  Once done with this step, let the shirt dry completely.

Once dry, you’re on to the dying process.  Create a sort of dye bath using a bin, cool water and however much dye you want to use.  Remember, the darker the dye bath, the darker your shirt will be.  Place your shirt in the dye bath and, once you feel it’s done, lay it flat to dry.

Once your shirt is dry, let it soak in cool, soapy water for about 15 minutes.  This allows for the extra dye to soak out.  Then put it in the washer and dryer.  Once dry, your shirt is ready to wear!

I would suggest doing a bunch of shirts at a time -- then you have a bunch of new shirts to wear!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at fbreisbl@asu.edu.

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