Broke's the New Black: DIY Toga Like a Titan

Toga parties are a necessity in college. With multiple possible toga parties a year on your social calendar, learning to construct your own toga is only practical. The new movie Wrath of the Titans is another reason to dress up. Togas have never looked as good as in this Greek-mythology-inspired film.

The best part about this themed party: its costume consists of nothing but a bed sheet. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you dressed for your next toga party.

1. Find a bed sheet, preferably white. Any size sheet works because of its rectangular shape, but you may need to fold it over before you begin to adjust its length.

2. Hold a corner of the sheet in one hand and hold it above your shoulder while wrapping the rest of the sheet tightly across your chest and under your other armpit.

3. Continue wrapping the sheet around your body (it should go around twice) and gather the remaining slack.

4. Bring the remaining slack over your shoulder and tie it to the first corner you grabbed (it should still be upright in your hand).

5. Voila! You have yourself a toga. Finish with cute gold rope accessories or a belt.

For further directions including step-by-step pictures, I love this tutorial.

Check out the trailer for Wrath of the Titans at


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