Paisan's Aiming for Perfection

Saying a pizza shop on Mill Avenue has been done is a heck on an understatement, but a night at Paisan’s (pronounced “piezons”) Pizza and Italian Kitchen hopes to change minds.

Located on Fifth Street and Mill Avenue, Paisan’s serves opened Thursday as a quick Italian fix for someone on the go. Their menu is a combination of speedy pizza and Italian meals, featuring dishes like calzones, strombolis and hero sandwiches.

Their signature item is their giant slice of pizza, but they serve as a full Italian kitchen, feeding bottomless bowls of pasta, fresh-baked bruschetta and subs.

That lush, local feel is surprising for a space that used to be a Dunkin’ Donuts. The close atmosphere is now cozy and personable.

The night before the opening, sophomore exercise and wellness major Lauren Littleton had the opportunity to sample the restaurant’s cuisine.

“I thought the restaurant had a really good atmosphere for being a pizza parlor. It was really nice to sit outside and along Mill Avenue and enjoy the food and people. The food was delicious and in large portions,” Littleton says.

At Paisan’s, another element that wasn’t overlooked was the human one. Despite being new to Mill Ave, the servers brought food to the tables outside, and constantly checked in during the meal. The wait staff was friendly and attentive.

Storeowner Benny Pelosi is no rookie to Mill Avenue. He also owns the Mediterranean club Crave Café and Lounge on Mill Avenue and Fifth Street.

“My partner and I that run Crave really wanted an Italian place on Mill that had consistent hours and could provide a good slice of pizza at all hours of the night,” Pelosi says. “We’ve had a great reception of the menu. Customers have complemented the simplicity and creativity of the items.”


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