ASU's Brandon Magee signs with Boston Red Sox

A hard-hitting line backer on the football field, ASU sophomore Brandon Magee is also a favorite among his baseball teammates in the Sun Devil's dugout. Magee has played four baseball games this season and notched his first career hit, and he is projected t start at linebacker for the football team in 2010. (Photo Courtesy of ASU Media Realtions)

ASU outfielder Brandon Magee signed a multi-year contract with the Boston Red Sox on Thursday.

"I’m just very excited to be a part of the Boston Red Sox organization and to have them give me a chance to play on the football team," Magee said.

While football coach Todd Graham said he is looking forward to Magee's success on the football field and potential in the NFL, he did state how happy the ASU football program was for their linebacker.

"We’re awful proud of him, awfully excited," Graham said. "I had some people come into my office today talking about how hard it is to excel in two sports and of all the things that are impressive about Brandon, being able to play two sports is the least impressive,” Graham said.

The Boston Red Sox drafted Magee in the 23rd of the 2012 MLB Draft. Magee missed the 2011-12 football season because of a torn Achilles tendon.

However, Magee wants the Sun Devil fans to know he is still focused on the upcoming football season and will fulfill his commitment to the maroon and gold.

"I signed this contact today, but I’m about to go to seven-on-seven and it’s all about football from here on," Magee said. "It’s all football now. I flip the switch fast."

While he has not played extensively for the ASU baseball team, Magee’s talent on the diamond has been known for a while. This is the third time Magee has been selected by a major league team. In 2008, Magee was selected by the Tampa Bay Rays and  he was drafted by the Oakland Athletics last year.

“He’s got a tremendous work ethic,” Magee’s high school football coach Matt Logan said. “One thing that never wavered at all was his tremendous commitment to the weight room for football and his desire to play baseball.”

This work ethic is what has allowed Magee to play two sports, which require very different training regimens.

"The struggle is just staying healthy," Magee said. "Going back and forth from the weight lifting to playing baseball is totally opposite things. You have to get buff over here (for football) then you have to get flexible (for baseball)."

During his three seasons on the ASU baseball team Magee appeared in 27 games and hit for a .103 average. However, the low statistics can easily be attributed to a lack of practice and repetition while trying to juggle two Pac-12 sports.

"I have a lot to prove to everybody out there," Magee said. "My ability is there and it will be proven."

Magee played in all 12 football games in both his sophomore and junior seasons. He was second on the team in tackles during his junior season and had a team high of 13 tackles in the double overtime win against UA.

The multi-sport athlete was thrilled Graham let him focus on both sports and although he chose the Red Sox today, Magee acknowledges his athletic future will be filled with even more tough decisions.

"I made a decision to play with the Red Sox, but my decision making is far from over because they are letting me finish my football career and they are letting me go to the NFL," Magee said.


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