Q&A: Gordon on upcoming basketball season, brother

ASU men’s basketball fans are certainly disappointed with the way last season ended. However, those around the program feel there is reason for optimism and that next season will be more enjoyable.

Junior guard Evan Gordon is one of those that feel the team will have a strong showing this year and he sat down with The State Press to talk about next season and his decision to transfer to ASU.

The State Press: What led you to transfer and leave Liberty?

Evan Gordon: It was a hard decision. I definitely want to play basketball after college at some point and Arizona State was a Pac-10 school at the time and it’s a big conference and a good opportunity to work on my game.

I got in contact with coach (Lamont) Smith and coach (Herb) Sendek and they definitely showed a huge interest in me and that’s what drove me out here.

SP: You had to sit out last season so for the fans that may not know you, what kind of player are you and how would you describe your game?

EG: I would describe my game as a score. Coming from college already I have kind of developed myself as a scorer. Recently I became a shooter. I used to be a slasher and driver, but I have developed my shooting.

SP: How will your game be complimented with Jahii Carson who everyone is excited to see?

EG: He’s a very explosive guard. He’s very crafty with the ball. I think it’s a perfect match. He will get me open and I will be able to get him open. Having another scorer like that on the court, you can’t just shade one way or the other.

SP: How hard was it to sit out and watch last season?

EG: It was tough with our team underachieving. We did a lot of offseason and preseason work trying to get ready for the season and then we came out and didn’t produce what we worked for so it was hard to watch.

SP: Sometimes not playing allows people to see the game in a different perspective, were you able to learn or pick up on stuff?

EG: Playing in practice and being around the guys and watching what does and doesn’t work. Just being around the team and learning coach Sendek’s offense and defense (was good). Learning those styles and techniques helped a lot.

SP: What do you expect from yourself and the team this year?

EG: I think (last year) helped me tremendously because I got to play with Bo (Barnes) and Jahii and had the opportunity to play with our big men. I think I’ll have a very good season this year. I’ve been working very hard in the gym and learning about my game and trying to change it from the Big South to the Pac-12 and trying to elevate and get better every single year. I think we’ll have a season that we can be proud of this year and something that we can build on in the seasons to come. I don’t do a lot of predictions, but I think we will have a very good season.

SP: Your brother Eric is obviously in the NBA, what kind of impact has he had on you?

EG: My brother is a different kind of player. He’s always been the top player since he’s been younger. It’s been good to watch him develop and see how everything works at that level. He’s opened a lot of doorways and showed me how hard it is to get to that level. Playing against him all the time and learning different things and having the ability to watch the level that they compete at has always had a positive impact on me.

SP: There’s obviously that positive impact, but there’s got to be a bit of a sibling rivalry where it kind of sucks to be overshadowed, right?

EG: That’s just part of it. Everything has its negatives and everything has its positives, but with him having the possibility of coming to Suns is really exciting to me.

SP: If he does come to Phoenix, what would the mean to you?

EG: It’s very exciting. He came out here and enjoyed his time out here. He expressed to me how he felt about the organization. We’ve talked back and forth about if he can come out here and what are the positives and negatives and what are the positives and negatives about New Orleans and he wants a change. It’s been a journey with him. It’s almost like recruiting all over again.


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