NFL must take accountability for replacement refs

We all know how terrible the NFL replacement referees are. I’m not going to bash the new zebras like everyone else that have been enraged every Sundays.

I would like to add that Philadelphia Eagles’ running back LeSean McCoy’s claim that a referee told him that he’s rooting for McCoy for fantasy football purposes is beyond ridiculous, however.

Anyway, I’m done. But with things getting worse instead of improving, we can’t point fingers solely at the replacements anymore.

The question that every football fan should be asking is, does the NFL even care?

Based on several statements from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell throughout the past couple weeks, it seems like the league office isn’t even trying to set an agreement or even make concessions for the locked-out officials.

I understand this is all just part of business. A company is supposed to negotiate for its best interests, and often won’t budge on anything that doesn’t benefit it.

But if this saga continues to follow this path, more players potentially could get hurt on missed calls fans might even stop watching, ultimately making this strategy backfire on the NFL.

Don’t think that referees can drive fans out from watching the league? Ask the NBA about how well it’s officiating is doing for them.

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