Actress reveals how to make it big on Broadway

Alex Finke and Erich Bergen perform a dance number in Roundabout Theatre Company's "Anything Goes." (Photo Courtesy of Joan Marcus)

Anything goes when it comes to Broadway fame and making it big in the world of theater. Alex Finke proves a big touring role can be acquired with little Broadway background. Finke, from Dayton, Ohio, recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in theater. Finke, who plays one of the leading ladies, Hope Harcourt, in the Broadway national tour of “Anything Goes,” answered a few questions for the State Press.

The State Press: How did you get started in theater?

Alex Finke: I’ve been dancing since I was really young. I’d recruit my cousins to do shows with me and force my family to watch them. Also, I did theater in high school, and my college decision was pretty easy.

SP: What is the life of a touring Broadway show?

AF: We are only in our second city now, so I’m getting my first taste of tour life and the rhythm of what it’s like to do a traveling show.

SP: What is it like working with the other castmates who’ve done Broadway shows and tours before?

AF: I’m still pinching myself in so many ways because I’m here. I’ve known about Rachel York (who plays character Reno Sweeny) and Fred Applegate’s (who plays Moonface Martin) careers and I’m learning so much from them. The company as a whole is so talented.

SP: What qualities do you share with your character, Hope? What was the biggest challenge to prepare for this show?

AF: She has a loyalty to her family and her intentions are good in everything. Hope’s predicament throughout the show is very relatable and she has to choose between a loyalty to her family or to her heart. The biggest challenge was adapting to the 1930s and each cast member did his or her own research for the role.

SP: How do you prepare for each show? Do you have any personal superstitions?

AF: Depends on what the show calls for physically and vocally. I do yoga and warm-ups before each show and when I wake up. No superstitions yet, but ask me after the tour.

SP: What is your advice for students and college graduates looking to “make it” on Broadway?

AF: It’s definitely something you have to want. Theater is a business where a lot of people give opinions. It sounds cliché but listen and absorb (advice), but find out who you are; know yourself and be true to yourself.

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