Cueto’s injury a blessing in disguise for Reds

It is sometimes better to be lucky than good.

If someone had told me that the Cincinnati Reds would lose their ace pitcher, Johnny Cueto, but then go on to win that game against San Franciso Giants pitcher Matt Cain, I would have laughed in that person’s face.

It was either great managing by the recovering Dusty Baker, or the Redlegs were just really lucky not to lose that one early.

Either way, I think that the Reds’ players and fans will take this victory.

The surprising win happened for many reasons.

Brandon Phillips’s clutch two-run home run gave the Reds a good cushion after the injury.

And the unsung hero of the game was Sam LeCure.


LeCure came to the rescue for the Reds, throwing two shut out innings so that starter Mat Latos could get in game mode.

Could the Cueto injury actually be a good thing for the Reds? After the victory, it could be.

If the ace can rehab his way into a Game 3 start, the Reds could have Cueto open in Cincinnati for a real home field advantage game.

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