Percy Harvin should be considered as MVP candidate

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin is the most explosive player in the NFL.

If the NFL season were to end right now, I’d vote for Harvin as the league’s Most Valuable Player.

No other player is more important to his team than Harvin is for the surprising 4-1 Minnesota Vikings.

The fourth-year player out of Florida does it all. He’s a receiver, a kick returner and lines up in the backfield from time to time to take handoffs from quarterback Christian Ponder.

Harvin’s 38 receptions is second to only Tony Gonzalez. He catches the ball short and utilizes his agility to get up field and gain yards, leading the league in yards after catch with 231.

His role in the kick-return game this year has been huge for the Vikings. Harvin is averaging just over 38 yards a return, and has brought back a 105-yard kickoff earlier this year against the Lions.

The versatile wide out will even dot the ‘I’ and run in between the tackles if that’s what the Vikings ask of him. Harvin has 13 carries for 62 yards with one touchdown this season.

Percy Harvin, not Adrian Peterson, makes the Vikings’ offense run. His ability to line up anywhere on the field makes him the most dangerous player on Minnesota.

If he can stay away from concussion issues, Harvin deserves MVP talks.

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