Robles holds book signing at MU

Robles talks about his NCAA championship run last spring and flashes his title ring on Tuesday night at the Memorial Union.  (Photo by Kyle Newman)

Former ASU wrestler and national champion Anthony Robles visited the Tempe campus Memorial Union on Tuesday and held a book signing for his new autobiography, “Unstoppable: From Underdog to Undefeated: How I Became a Champion.”

Robles called his visit on campus, “My most anticipated stop on the tour for sure.”

“I love ASU, and (my family is) an ASU family,” Robles said.

In the book, Robles revisits his trials as a one-legged wrestler.

Robles, the former 2011 NCAA national champion at 125 pounds, decided to write his own book following his national championship with the help of Sports Illustrated writer Austin Murphy.

“My goal was to be the best, and prove to everyone that I could do anything I put my mind to,” Robles said.

Robles dedicates his success to his mother Judy, and said she motivated him to work his hardest toward his goals.

“I always wanted Anthony to know that whatever he wanted to do, he could do it,” Judy said at the book signing. “He has a fighting spirit, and I wanted him to fight for something that seemed unachievable.”

To fulfill his mother’s expectations, Robles told approximately 60 attendees about his way of focusing on his dreams.

“Write your dreams down, and when it’s tough, look down at that sheet,” Robles said, referring to the sticky note where he wrote down “state champion” after his freshman year of high school.

He finished in last place that year.

Robles still keeps that sticky note, now crinkled and aged.

He wanted to inspire others to believe that anything is possible with the right mindset.

Several ASU students attended to hear Robles speak about his experiences of when he was a Sun Devil.

ASU Spirit Squad member Erin Clafferty, a business law junior, said Robles is inspirational.

“Seeing how he can overcome everything makes me want to push harder at practice, and I don’t have that much to overcome,” Clafferty said.

Business communications freshman Ian Miller said he was inspired by Robles while Miller wrestled in high school.

“I watched him (last year) right before my state championship tournament, and (he) was my inspiration,” Miller said. “I wanted to come and thank him.”

When speaking about the future, Robles said he has high aspirations and looks forward to his opportunities in and out of wrestling.

“I’ll be commentating with ESPN back in Iowa for the National Championship (this year),” Robles said. “I also plan to help out in the (ASU) wrestling room and roll around with the guys.”

Robles introduces himself to a young fan during the signing of his book "Unstoppable" on Tuesday night at the Memorial Union. (Photo by Kyle Newman)

After the release of his book on Sept. 27, Robles started his six-week book tour across the U.S. to tell his story.

Robles describes the book tour and his post-collegiate career as a whirlwind.

Since winning the national championship, Robles has appeared on numerous talk shows, including “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” — who also wrote the foreword in Robles’s book.

Robles has recently gone into public speaking and was signed on by the Washington Speakers Bureau, which includes members like Colin Powell and George W. Bush.

Robles also was a pregame motivational speaker for the Oakland Raiders, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Phoenix Suns.

He continues to live his life outside of wrestling by the title of the poem he wrote, “Unstoppable.”

“When I fall down, I got to get back up,” Robles said.


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