SF Giants deserved to win World Series

Winning a World Series hasn’t ever seemed so simple.

Pitching and defense for the San Francisco Giants — this is what it took for a group that embodied the word “teamwork,” to overcome the superstar names of Detroit.

Coming into the series, most believed the Tigers’ starting pitching is what could put them over the top.

But it was the Giants who had the better starters and their relievers came through as expected. San Francisco gave up only six runs in a span of four games.

Defense in baseball, usually an underrated aspect of the game, didn’t go unnoticed.

Being one game from elimination in both the NLDS and the NLCS, San Francisco played the most games out of all teams in the postseason. They also had the second-best fielding percentage. Quick-exchange double plays and sprint-to-dive fly-ball catches looked routine.

San Francisco brought a proven set of starting pitchers, numerous relievers and an upcoming closer in Sergio Romo. Pair that with a leather-savvy infield and a speedy outfield, and it led to seven of the 11 postseason Giants’ wins that allowed either one or zero runs.

For the second time in the past three years, I am happy to say the San Francisco Giants are the best team in baseball.



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