Art Murmur: Success in Scottsdale

“I was born with a pencil in my hand. Every time I drop it, I don’t feel I am a whole person.” - Elena Erös

Scottsdale artist Elena Erös specializes in painting. Photo courtesy of Erös.

Erös, an artist from Scottsdale, Ariz., was born in Moscow, Russia. She has a Master of Arts in fashion design from the Hungarian University of Applied Art in Budapest, Hungary. She moved to Great Britain in 1996 and began painting Windsor and Ascot race courses.

Erös came to Arizona in 2006 and won a drawing competition for “American Artist” magazine. She currently runs Bezalel Art Gallery in Scottsdale, where she showcases her art every Thursday at the Scottsdale ArtWalk

Art Murmur sat down with Erös to discuss her gallery, achievements and inspiration.

Art Murmur: How did Bezalel Art Gallery begin?

Elena Erös: God blessed me with an opportunity to express myself in the most powerful area of communication—visual art. I always wanted to open an art gallery/atelier where I can work, teach and exhibit my paintings as well as other artists’ works. That’s how it used to be in the past. Bezalel (Exodus 31:2-5) was God’s favorite artist. I want people to know that.

AM: How did you first get into art? What inspires you to work in the mediums you do?

EE: I was born with a pencil in my hand. Every time I drop it, I don’t feel I am a whole person. In Russia, we were trained on a lot of watercolors. In Hungary, I worked as a background painter for animation. I also use acrylic for Life Paintings. Oil is the most powerful one. Pastel is my joy and relaxation. Collage is fun and intellectual. Linocut [a form of printmaking] is a good discipline. That’s all I know. I would like to learn engravings.

AM: What intrigues you about equestrian races?

EE: I believe we should all be in racing (1 Cor. 9:24-27). I have been a racer all my life, competing, moving around the globe, taking new challenges. Jesus rides a white stallion Himself, and horses are the most beautiful creatures after people. I had the privilege to live near Ascot and Windsor race courses, where my first race paintings were born.

AM: You were a successful artist in Europe, having studied under renowned artists and having taught as well. What made you decide to come to Arizona?

EE: When I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time, I prayed for the opportunity to live nearby. God granted me my request. I am still not ready to face the challenge, but maybe one day.

AM: Tell me more about the other artists whose work is featured in the gallery. How did they become involved?

EE: James Colter is a widely recognized Plein Aire artist who teaches at Scottsdale Art School. Kelly Shehan is an international photojournalist. Joel Coplin is an established muralist and Plein Aire painter. His wife Jo-Ann Lowney is a poetic floral artist and sculptor. Robert Wilder represents the African traditions.

AM: Do you have any exhibitions planned in the near future?

EE: Yes. I went to India last year and started a new collection. My painting “On the Mountain” was accepted into the Salon International. I am planning to have an exhibition of my Indian paintings soon. I went to Albuquerque to the International Balloon Festival and have been dreaming about balloons ever since. Being a wild but gorgeous miniature pinscher owner, I had to visit San Diego Dog Beach and paint those scenes. Finally, I think polo is the most amazing game and I am pregnant with polo game painting ideas... Should I continue?

Erös displays her work at Bezalel Gallery every Thursday at Scottsdale ArtWalk. To see a fast-forwarded video of Erös’ life painting, “The Creation of Adam,”— which only took one hour to complete— click here.


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