Letter: Atheist chimes in War on Christmas

In response to Colton Gavin’s Nov. 26 column, “What is the War on Christmas?”

1. Saying you have reconciled your scientific inquiries and religious convictions is as nonsensical as saying you have reconciled your strict vegan diet with eating lots of meat. Those two concepts are totally incompatible. You can do one or the other, but not both without doing a great disservice to each. Not to beleaguer the point, but you can't both subscribe to the uncompromising search for scientific truth and also not care that, for example, the story of Noah and the Ark were lifted almost word for word from the Epic of Gilgamesh, written much, much earlier than Noah's flood was supposed to have happened.

2. As usual, the "War on Christmas" people left out a very important fact in their reporting: Atheists have no problem with Christmas/nativity displays. Most of us celebrate the secular traditions of Christmas. What we don't support is Christmas displays on public property. You know, in accordance with the law and junk. You may feel that your religious "convictions" supersede the law. We, however, politely disagree.

3. If you really subscribed to the scientific integrity you lay claim to in your article, you wouldn't need to distort the material facts to make your case. Just another case of "Lying for the Lord" I guess. Good luck with that.


Noah Binder


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