Scene is Dead Tour delivers uncomfortable show

Electro-pop diva Jeffree Star put on a risqué performance at Martini Ranch on Wednesday. (Photo courtesy of KJ Mark)

Blood on the Dance Floor brought foam, blood and a raging party to Scottsdale on Nov. 7 as part of The Scene is Dead Tour.

Martini Ranch shook with the pop and dubstep sounds of popular scene group Blood on the Dance Floor who were joined by pink-haired diva Jeffree Star, scene-core duo Consider Me Dead and local rockers Never Let This Go.

Never Let This Go opened the show to a packed venue. Its catchy pop-punk tunes quickly getting the crowd jumping. The enthusiastic response clearly energized the band, as it played through songs from its EP and debuted new material.

Electronic-hardcore duo Consider Me Dead attempted to keep the party going, but the efforts were met with a lukewarm reaction from the audience. The fans seemed thoroughly disappointed with the band’s vocal performance, which did not live up to its records. The entire performance was off pitch and out of tune. While the crowd tried to keep the energy at a constant high, the overall set left a lot to be desired.

Martini Ranch’s main room continued to fill as the audience anticipated a performance from Jeffree Star. The pink-haired electro-pop diva emerged in a tight pink leotard and matching snapback, which he quickly threw into the crowd. This alone caused a fight to break out during the first song, as the female fans desperately tried to grab a piece of Star. The set continued with songs like, “Ice Cream” and “Clothes Come Off,” as the fans danced along and screamed the words. The weirdness continued as Star brought out backup dancers, insane lighting and provocative dance moves. The shrill screaming of the young audience never let up as Star closed out the set.

After an extremely long wait, Blood on the Dance Floor returned to its hometown stage to the ecstasy of the assembled fans. The band filled the room with fog and set off a frenetic light show that punctuated the entire set with red, green and blue laser beams. In between hits, such as “Sexting” and “Scream for My Ice Cream,” singers Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe screamed obscenities and suggestive statements to the members of the audience.

This was mildly uncomfortable to observe, as most of the fans were underage. In fact, a good portion of the audience was made up of parents escorting children under the age of 13. During the entire set, the band drenched the audience in foam and fake blood.

The experience was very strange, loud and uncomfortable to watch. However, the audience was clearly having the time of their lives, especially when many of them were able to meet Monroe and Vanity before and after their set. Regardless, Blood on the Dance Floor brought its own unique party to the Arizona concert.


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