Boos & Bravos: Nov. 29

Bravo to the holidays finally approaching, making intoxication from spiked eggnog socially acceptable. The art of “nogging” is underrated these days, and it’s time for eggnog to make a comeback. Adding rum or whiskey to the traditional holiday beverage is sure to spice up any holiday shindig. Tis’ the season to get “nogged up.”

Boo to the holiday movie remakes that are made during Christmas time. Before overreacting, this is the best time of the year and there is arguably no one who doesn’t like the Christmas season. It’s the hap-, happiest time of the year. But ABC Family needs to stop showing holiday remakes of movies that had great originals. “Home Alone” one through four were enough to satisfy the needs of heist comedies, and viewers can stand only so many musicals and identical plot storylines. Listening to siblings, friends and family sing Christmas carols are more than enough holiday cheer, and predicting movies is overrated. We don’t need it from our holiday shows. Continue to play “Elf,” “A Christmas Story,” “Jack Frost,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and the original “Home Alone” series over and over again. We never get sick of those. Happy Holidays!

Bravo to the unintentional protest students performed Wednesday. Throughout the day, ASU's resident angry, religious man stood by the MU with his sign decrying all homosexuals, atheists, fornicators, masturbators and people in general, but for once, nobody paid him attention. Why? Because a few yards down, students were gathered at a celebration for World AIDS Day. Instead of facilitating hate, they chose to embrace knowledge and inclusiveness while painting supportive pictures.

Boo to Donald Trump infiltrating every aspect of the media. Despite petitions to remove Donald Trump from Macy’s marketing campaign, Macy's CMO Martine Reardon said she will not drop Trump, despite his allegations against President Barack Obama and the legitimacy of his birth. Trump, leave us alone and stick to Wall Street.

Bravo to Chandler resident John Kruchowsky, who has been selling recyclable bicycles to buy bicycles for needy children for five years. Kruchowsky runs an organization called “Re-Cycle for Bi-Cycles” and makes frequent dumper drives to retrieve bicycle parts and makes trips to the recycling center almost daily, The Arizona Republic reported.


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