Glendale removes itself from hockey problems

While attending the University of Phoenix Stadium for the dreadful Cardinals game on Sunday, I glanced over at the abandoned arena that is

It’s sitting there, developing cobwebs and dust — pleading for someone to claim it. Unfortunately, its not just Glendale’s fault, but the city sure decided to take itself out of the equation.

As of late Tuesday, the deal proposed to Glendale was officially approved to keep the Phoenix Coyotes in the desert.

The Glendale City Council agreed on the $320 million deal for arena management and the lease with suitor Greg Jamison, who plans to purchase the team from the NHL for $170 million within the next 30 to 60 days.

The day that Arizonans and Valley hockey fans never thought they’d see is that much closer.

Heck, even local reporters and sports journalists thought it was a long shot.

Now the reigns are turned over to Jamison and it’s his actions that determine the direction of the Coyotes.

Since day one, Jamison — the former president and CEO of the San Jose Sharks — comforted fans, saying he would do anything he could to keep the team in Phoenix.

Well Mr. Jamison, the puck is on your end of the ice, and all eyes are on you.

Hell may indeed freeze over, literally — and in Arizona of all places.

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