Letter: Help wanted for geography project

On Oct. 9, The State Press received a hand-written letter by Samantha V., a seventh grade student from Pawtucket, R.I., requesting help on a geography project on Arizona. Below is her plea for information, pictures and souvenirs to the Grand Canyon State’s residents. Please send any pictures and information — anecdotal or otherwise — to opiniondesk.statepress@gmail.com to assist Samantha with her geography class, in which she is required to produce a written report, poster board and oral presentation.

Dear Editor and citizens of Arizona,

I’m writing from the smallest state, Rhode Island. I’m doing a project for my geography class in which I’m responsible for creating an oral written project and poster project on a particular U.S. state. I chose Arizona because I wanted to know more about it and Arizona sounded interesting. Could you please publish this in your paper so that your readers could help my project? If your readers could send me any kind of information or pictures or souvenirs, that will help my project a lot. Thank you so much for your help with my project.


Samantha V.

State Press reader

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