Like them or not, Notre Dame competing in title game

Let’s see the bandwagon Notre Dame fans in three…two…one.

It is official. The Fighting Irish will be in the BCS National Championship, and there is nothing you can do about it.

With the Irish, whether you love them or you hate them, there really is no difference.

What’s the worst thing about the Irish in the championship? I don’t know.

ESPN analyst Lou Holtz getting so excited, some spit flies from his mouth and hits co-host Mark May. Brian Kelly already being compared to Bear Bryant. Or is it the newly confident Notre Dame fans?

For me, the only thing that I cannot stand is a Notre Dame fan that has had no family members even go to the school.

Whether you are on the north or the South Bend side of the issue, you do have to give the Irish credit.

They did it. They deserve to be playing for the title. They did everything that people said they should.

They adapted to the changes of college football. They recruited the right players. They scheduled tougher games even with their “independence.”

Most importantly, they won every one of their games.

So don’t say it is just the luck of the Irish.

Luck has nothing to do with it.

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