New Suns players could lift Phoenix to playoffs

As of Wednesday night, the Phoenix Suns are 2-3 and are at the bottom of the Western Conference — just above the Los Angeles Lakers.

The season hasn’t started the way the Suns would have liked it to, but there have been some bright spots through the first five games.

Goran Dragic obviously has big shoes to fill with All-Star point guard Steve Nash now in Los Angeles. He’s stepped in and produced over 14 points and with just under nine assists per game.

Luis Scola, arguably one of the best free-agent signings in the offseason, and center Marcin Gortat seem to be meshing well on the low block. Both are players that can provide a double-double every night, something that Phoenix has desperately needed since the departure of Amar’e Stoudemire.

Though all of the aforementioned pieces look great, I believe the balance of Phoenix’s season rests on the shoulders of Michael Beasley. There’s no argument that the 6-foot-10-inch small forward has tremendous talent, but can he control his personal life? Can he stay away from trouble outside of the court?

If Beasley plays up to his potential — or even like a poor man’s LeBron James — the Suns could possibly be vying for a playoff spot in April.

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