SPM Beauty: A New Look for Makeup

I am someone who admires makeup artists not only for their mastery and technique, but also for their innovative ways of using products. Makeup artists are just that: artists. They are heedless to the boundaries that cosmetic companies and advertisers set for us normal consumers because makeup is their craft. All artists know that once a certain level of technique is developed and established, there are no rules. With that said, they take free reign over their tools, feeling free to use them as they please. Today, SPM Beauty is all about showing how us mere mortals can incorporate that same tactic in achieving natural, everyday makeup.

Here are five basic products that you most likely have in your collection and a few different ways you can use them during your morning routine.

Shimmery Flesh Toned Eye Shadow

A shimmery eye shadow can be used to highlight and accentuate various parts of the face. Lighter colors, especially those with shimmer make parts of the face appear closer and more prominent. Utilizing highlighting can completely alter the face with just one product.

1)  Lid Color

You can use this, as it’s intended, all over the eyelid. Applying this shadow wet will create a “foil” effect, accentuating the metallic properties in the pigment. If you already have a darker shadow on your lids, you can also open up the eye by dusting this shade on the center of the lid. This will make the eye appear bigger and give the look more dimension.

2)  Inner Corner Highlight

Taking this shadow on a smaller brush and packing it on the inner corner near the tear duct will instantly brighten the eyes.

3)  Brow Highlight

Applying a small amount of shimmer just beneath the eyebrow will make eyebrows appear more arched, as well as make the eyes appear bigger and brighter. Normally I’d recommend a matte shade to highlight here, but as long it’s a small amount, it will achieve the same look.

4)  Cheek Highlight

Using a small face brush, lightly dust this shadow on the tops of the cheekbones. Adding a small amount of shimmer here will give a glowing effect.

5)  Lip Highlight

Taking a pencil brush or a clean finger, apply a concentrated amount of shimmer to the Cupid’s bow, the double curve of the upper lip. With a clean finger, dab a little bit of that shadow on the center of the lower lip. Doing this will highlight the lips and make them appear fuller.

Face Powder

1)  Foundation

This can be used not only to set liquid foundation, but also to replace it. Applying powder with a dense brush gives a completely different effect than applying it with a large, fluffy powder brush. Most days when I want a more natural look, I skip the foundation, add some concealer and buff some powder into my face. This is an effortless way to achieve a flawless complexion without having to pile on liquid foundation or tinted moisturizers.

2)  Blender Color

Many makeup artists refer to it as their “best friend color” because a seemingly boring flesh tone shade can save any look. Applying this first to the eyelid before applying other colors can act as a base and help them blend a little easier. Also, flesh toned powder can be used to blend out harsh edges such as above the crease or even on the outer corners of the eye.

Matte Dark Brown Pigment

Matte and dark colors have the opposite effect than highlighters. They make parts of the face appear sunken, smaller and farther away. As dreary as that sounds, this can really add dimension to the face, giving you a more chiseled (and even slimming) look.

1)  Eye Contour

Applying a dark shadow to the socket or crease with a fluffy brush can make eyes appear bigger. A defined crease automatically adds dimension to even the simplest eye shadow looks. I think this has a more intense effect than using a shadow that’s loaded with shimmer. Matte finish eye shadows will break up a lid full of shimmer.

2)  Eye Liner

My favorite way to line my eyes is with an eye shadow. Eye shadow liner creates a much more natural look. If you’re concerned that the lines won’t be as clean, dampening the angled brush you use with water first will ensure a crisp line. Once the shadow dries, it will appear natural but clean. This is also great if you’re in a pinch and that favorite liner of yours has dried up or needs sharpening.

3)  Brow Powder

While it is strongly dependent on your skin and hair color, a matte bronzer could potentially be the perfect color for your brows. There’s a common misconception that brow powders need to be the exact shade of your hair color and that it needs to be insanely dark. Even though my hair is naturally dark brown, I find that medium to light browns work best for filling in my brows. Anything beyond that tends to look a little too intense and overdone. Applying bronzer contour powder or an eye shadow can be just the little boost your brows needed. Just make sure that it is matte brown pigment and that you apply the powder dry and lightly as needed.

4)  Face Contour

Some eye shadows blend incredibly well on the eyes. With that said, it makes sense that they also blend well on the face. Adding some cool matte brown shadow to the hollows of the cheeks, temples and along the jaw line can give those cheekbones a boost and slim down the face.

Clear Mascara

1)  Mascara

I know this one is kind of a no-brainer, however just adding a clear coat of mascara to the lashes can remove any eye shadow that dropped on them when applying your eye makeup, but also keep them groomed and out of the eyes.

2)  Brow Gel

Run some of this through the brows to keep them in place as well as to seal in the brow powder. Groomed brows add a sophisticated edge to any look.

Lip and Cheek Color

1)  Lipstick

This cannot only be applied to the lips, but to the cheeks as well. Dab some lipstick to the apples of the cheek and blend with clean fingers or a stippling brush. This is a foolproof way to assure that your blush matches your lip color!

2)  Cream Blushes

Cream blushes or cheek stains can also be applied to the lips. This is another one of those instances where a product’s performance depends almost entirely on how it is applied. You would want to apply a more concentrated amount on the lips. On the cheeks, use a lighter hand and make sure that it blends into your blush.

These are just a few ideas. The beauty of makeup is that it is an art form, so there isn’t truly a right or wrong way of using it. It’s different to every individual person, so do not be afraid to take risks.


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