The Campus Closet: How to style a sweater

Now wear a giant sweater for both comfort and style. Photo courtesy of Cole Kiburz.

November is here and I have finally made the switch from iced coffee to hot. No more pretending — its chilly outside. It's finally time to start pulling out tights, scarves and boots.

My favorite thing to bundle up in when I’m walking to my early morning classes is an oversized sweater. I must be lucky because they are a huge trend this season, and believe it or not there’s a number of ways to make them look cute while staying warm.

I have put together three different looks to style an over-sized sweater and stay cozy this winter without looking like you’re drowning in fabric.

Look 1: A maxi skirt

Style your sweater with a fitting maxi skirt. It will give you a cool bohemian vibe, and let you feel warm and snug. Wear a pair of boots underneath for another cute look, and don’t forget to accessorize with some bohemian style jewelry.

Look 2: Over a dress

Find any dress or slip from summer and instantly turn it into a winter look by putting a sweater over it. Pair with tights, knee high socks, and tall boots for a more style and extra warmth. You can choose to wrap a belt around too to accessorize, or find a long necklace.

Look 3: Tights/Skinny jeans

Put tights, jeans or skinny jeans underneath. Keep them a simple solid color depending how detailed your sweater is, but if your sweater is super simple, get funky with it and add colors and patterns.

Have fun with it and stay cozy as the season changes.


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