The greatness of Goran Dragi? keeps the Suns going

After the 40-point beating the Phoenix Suns took to the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday, it’s obvious this team has some gaping holes.

I will say though, they have one bright spot, though. That spot wasn’t fully lit on Wednesday, but he should be Phoenix’s foundation for the next few years.

Guard Goran Dragi?, 26, has a ton of potential. Now that he’s back with the Suns with Steve Nash out, he’s shown his rising production as a starter, and he showed signs of that in Houston as well.

This year, he’s certainly one of the NBA’s most improved players. His scoring per game has gone from 11 points per game to 16, and from five to seven in assists — all while averaging two steals and almost two three-pointers a game.

It’s prevalent that Dragi? is what keeps the Suns going. When No. 1 plays well, the Suns usually win.

It also doesn’t help that some bigger names on the team are having some of their worst years so far — Michael Beasley, Marcin Gortat and Luis Scola.

I’ve always loved Dragi?. He can shoot from anywhere, passes with the best of them and plays scrappy defense.

Let’s hope the Suns organization can get some players around this high quality point guard.

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