10 Sites for Those Stumped About Gift-giving

Venturing out into holiday craziness can be all too overwhelming, but now, with the help of the web, lines at department stores no longer have to cloud your sugar plum dreams.
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Pushing, punching, hitting, yelling. Venturing inside the mall during this time of year can be especially scary. Everyone is looking for the best deals, and they’ll do anything to get it. Worrying about getting everyone on your list something special and not breaking the bank is enough to keep you up at night. (We've all been there.) But thankfully, there are still great deals online after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are 10 online shopping sites that are sure to satisfy everyone on your list and keep your bank account happy:


1. Webthriftstore.com

This site is perfect if you’re looking to give back for the holidays by allowing you to shop for gifts for everyone on your Christmas list and vintage items, such as vintage jackets, shirts and toys. At the same time you can donate to one of the charities listed on their site. The site is very simple to navigate because their goal is to get you to donate while you browse. Some of the charities you can donate to are The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation and the Women in Need charity.  You can also sell any items to Webthriftstore. They have a huge variety of items to choose from at a great price because any member can sell to the site. Webthriftstore requires you to join as a member, but it’s quick and easy. You can even join through Facebook. Visit Webthriftstore if you or anyone on your Christmas list wants to know that their gift came from a good place and wants to give back to an amazing charity like the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

2. Lulus.com

Looking for a gift that won’t leave your wallet empty for the stylish young woman on your list? Lulus is an online boutique that has everything from shoes to jewelry. And it won’t bankrupt you. This site is very colorful and eye catching. If you’re shopping for the girl who doesn’t want to look like the rest of the crowd your best bet is to go with the “Brocade Toss Gold Brocade Skirt” at the price of $33 this skirt could complete any holiday look. The site is specially organized for this holiday season, so finding the perfect gift is just one click away.

3. Sammydress.com

This is easily the best bargain site online. Sammydress has great deals on men’s and women’s apparel and is great place to shop for your entire family and even have money left over to get something for yourself.  Sammy Dress even has shoes for under 20 bucks, a great Christmas item on the site right now are a pair of women’s suede high heeled booties for 17 bucks. They also have a men’s V-neck sweater in multiple colors for about $8.50. This site is also easy to navigate and is appealing to online shoppers of any age. Sammy Dress has free shipping too so they’re definitely worth the visit.

There are so many websites that offer great gifts minus the hassle.
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4. Minimus.biz

This site is great if you’re looking for a gift for a little niece or nephew. Minimus.biz specializes in having travel size items, and at first glance it looks like they only offer travel sized personal care items. The site can be a bit of a snooze, but if you search the side bar on the site and click on the toys and games section you’ll find a unique gift. The site carries mini sized games, such as Candyland and Battleship; they even have mini coloring books. These gifts are amazing for younger family members who can use them at school or on long car rides.

5. Smartbargains.com

This site has designer clothes at bargain and is a good place to look for a nice gift for mom or dad. The site has clothes, shoes, handbags, and home items from all the top designers. From Oscar De La Renta to Art and Cuisine, you’ll be able to find an affordable gift. A gift idea for mom might be the “Red Soup Pot” from Art and Cuisine at 51 bucks mom will love it. One for dad might be a nice button down shirt at $25. The site even offers free shipping as an added bonus. There are ton of bargain items to choose from so happy hunting!

6. Hautelook.com

Another online boutique! Hautelook is a great place to look for a gift to give your best friend or roommate. The site requires you join their membership by entering your email and creating a password, but it’s free to sign up. The design of this site is very similar to Lulus and is appealing to young women shopping online. They are also specially organized for the Christmas shopping season so finding a gift should be a breeze. Hautelook has sales everyday starting at 8 a.m., so you’ll be able to search for the perfect gift every day until Christmas. They have clothing items for both men and women and they also have stuff for the home. Looking for a gift for your roommate? Hautelook has pajamas. They have both short and long leg pajamas starting at just 12 bucks. And for guys, Hautelook has beanies for $21.

7. Orangeonions.com

Moms and grandmas can be difficult to shop for. This is the perfect site if you’re looking for something cute and holiday themed for them. (Don't feel guilty about even getting something for yourself to add a Christmas feeling to your house or dorm room.) They have tons of Christmas home décor items for a reasonable price.  This site looks a little bit dull, and at first glance you may feel like you’ve gone to the wrong site. Gift ideas on orangeonions right now are the 22 inch greeter elves for 25 bucks, they would make a great gift for grandma or they would even look good outside your dorm or apartment

8. McPhee.com

Looking for a gag gift to give to a sibling or a friend? McPhee is an online shop that sells tons novelty and gag items. Underwear shaped lollipops, anyone? (Warning: the gift recipient must have a sense of humor.) Some of McPhee’s top sellers for Christmas are Jane Austen band aids and pickle candy canes at about $5. I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to giving my sister some TV dinner gumballs.

These websites are dedicated to finding you discounts and good deals.
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9. Dannabananas.com

Similar to McPhee, Dannabananas is a novelty gift site with items that make an excellent gift for your brother or cousin. This site is a little bit more streamlined than McPhee’s site, but you will still get a kick out of visiting it. Some of their best stocking stuffers this year are a bacon wallet at 15 bucks and bacon floss at 5 bucks.

The people at Dannabananas really love bacon at Christmas time.

10. MrRebates.com

No, this isn’t exactly a holiday shop, but it is a massive coupon and discount database. When you join MrRebates a percentage of whatever you spend using their online coupons will go to your MrRebates account. When you’re done with your online shopping, MrRebates will send you a check of your savings. Shopping and saving — it feels pretty good.


Can you feel the stress about spending and giving dissolve? Now you can actually be in the holiday spirit. Happy shopping!


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