Northern Illinois does not deserve a BCS bid

Some other writers here at The State Press have written in this space that the great program of Northern Illinois deserves their BCS bid to the Orange Bowl.

With all due respect, I have to say, “Stop it!”

Come on, this team does not deserve to play in a big game like this.

Its signature win was over Kent State, a team in the MAC.

The Huskies’ lone loss was to Iowa. That team is awful, as the Hawkeyes are the worst team in the Big Ten. I watched them struggle to move the ball two inches against Nebraska.

So they can’t beat the worst team in a big conference. How can they beat one of the better teams in the best conference?

Oklahoma fans, I’m sorry. Your team deserves a trip to Florida. Your team’s only losses were against Norte Dame and Kansas State.

Seminoles fans might be pumped to see a blowout. But if you ask true Florida State fans, I think they say they would rather see a good battle against the Sooners.

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