‘The Addams Family’ star talks past, future goals

Cortney Wolfson (right) stars as Wednesday Addams in "The Addams Family" that will be playing at ASU Gammage Dec. 11-16. (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Daniel)

Cortney Wolfson, a music theater graduate from the University of Michigan, will be starring as Wednesday Addams in “The Addams Family,” as the production continues its first national tour and makes a stop at ASU Gammage.

Wolfson, who lived in Tempe for a year when she was 3 years old, made her Broadway debut in the revival of “Les Misérables” and went on to play different leading roles in the first national tour of “Legally Blonde: The Musical.” Wolfson answered a few questions for The State Press.


The State Press: What is your favorite and least favorite part about touring for a show?

Cortney Wolfson: My favorite part is just being able to see the country and explore the sights of each city. My least favorite is pretty typical: the hotels, the packing and re-packing.

SP: Describe your initial reaction of the first time you were ever casted in a Broadway show.

CW: Oh my, I still remember the exact moment. I had just graduated college and I was living in New York with no more than $20 in my wallet. My agent called to tell me that I was going to have a Broadway debut, and I was absolutely floored! My stars must have been aligned, and it was a huge blessing.

SP: How did your college experience help you with your career and auditions?

CW: Living in Indiana (where Wolfson was raised) is very different than living in New York City. The University of Michigan taught me how to live and survive in NYC and even helped me with things such as finding an agent. There were two professors that guided and pushed me and were so supportive while I was in the program.

SP: What qualities do you share with your character, Wednesday?

CW: Well, we are different in that I don’t only wear black and I don’t hunt like Wednesday does, ha. But, even though there are some differences, it’s really the same as any average family. And it’s really topical especially with all the change about tolerance and acceptance. By the end of the show, you realize that no family is ever normal.

SP: “The Addams Family” is a traditional, family-friendly show. What’s the greatest challenge of transitioning it to a Broadway musical and still living up to audience expectations?

CW: The characters in the show are so iconic. The audience wants the visual aspects, because if it’s visually different, then people are thrown off. The actors do have to work a little harder. Everyone likes something that’s familiar, so we do what is needed to let the show be its own unique thing.

SP: What is your all-time dream role?

CW: Belle in “Beauty and the Beast.” I want to be a Disney Princess!


“The Addams Family” will be performed at ASU Gammage from Dec. 11 to Dec. 16. Buy tickets online at Asugammage.com


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