Devil Dish: BCS computer ranks Notre Dame over Alabama

When I heard the news that the Colley Matrix ranked Notre Dame ahead of Alabama, I wasn’t surprised. BCS computers are flawed in the sense that they can’t include margin of victory in their formula to dissuade teams from running up the score.

After watching the BCS National Championship game, it was clear that Alabama was the far superior team. It won 42-14, and the only time Alabama’s offense could be stopped was when quarterback A.J. McCarron and center Barrett Jones got into a shoving match.

In 2014, none of the polls or computers will matter because college football will finally abandon BCS computers, and a selection committee will determine the four teams making the playoff.

But don’t think the controversy is going to die. It won’t.

If the top four teams ranked in the AP poll aren’t the same as the four teams the selection committee selects, there will be some angry fans.

It is simply an impossible task to objectively rank teams because of the short season and an even smaller sample size of out-of-conference games.


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