Devils Dish: Lakers fans, it's over

The Los Angeles Lakers fell to 17-24 with their latest loss on Monday night.

Let me be the one to shed some light on optimistic Lakers fans: It’s over.

There is no way this team is making the playoffs the way they are currently constructed.

Dare I say this is the worst Lakers team I have ever seen in my lifetime? They really do nothing well. While Pau Gasol is going to come off the bench, it will make little difference for the team.

Dwight Howard is simply not the same player since his back injury. I highly doubt that he’s 100 percent. He doesn’t have the same kind of explosiveness when he jumps.

Combine all of these issues with Mike D'Antoni’s scheme and you have the 2012-13 Lakers season. They're a lot of players and coaches that simply don’t gel.

The Lakers are further proof that building a team via trade and free agency doesn’t guarantee success. Without players that buy into a system and chemistry in the locker-room, talent doesn’t necessarily equal wins.


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