Fayuca transcends genres to send a positive message

Just this January, Fayuca has played shows in Texas, California, Nevada and New Mexico and concluded the “Spark the Flame” tour last Sunday, with a final show at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale.

Photo courtesy of Fayuca Photo courtesy of Fayuca

In order to sound more original and to separate themselves from the typical rock group, Fayuca takes inspiration from its hispanic background and combines it with its musical influences to create a high-energy vibe. A hard ska and reggae sound with a hint of Latin flavor is the best way to describe Fayuca’s music.

“We like to combine different styles of music to innovate a new sound,” said lead vocalist and guitarist Gabriel Soloranzo. “It’s still rock and roll, but we like to mix it up with the reggae and the latin just to make it different and to not sound like everybody else.”

The songs include lyrics written in English as well as Spanish depending on the message and the mood, but the decision comes down to the band naturally.

“If it’s a message that has to be told in Spanish, I tell it in Spanish,” Soloranzo said.

Fayuca is also aware of its influences outside of music that direct the message its send to its fans.

“We all come from families that worked very hard," Soloranzo said. "We believe nothing should hold you back from doing what you want."

Fayuca is having a release party for its fourth album “Barrio Sideshow” on May 3 at Martini Ranch. Fervor Records will be officially releasing the album to the public on May 7.


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