Plea for letters

Everyone likes to receive letters, and we at The State Press are no exception.

Now more than ever, an engaged and informed student body is essential for the well-being of our community and our world.

The State Press wants your input. As our readers and fellow ASU students, your thoughts are invaluable. We abide by an ethos that emphasizes the role of our audience in the creation of our content.

We especially want to include our readers in that creative process, from beginning to end. We could measure our success as a student media organization by hits on a website or number of newspapers printed, but these metrics are ultimately empty if the ASU community as a whole does not benefit from what we do.

Hearing from you is how we gauge our success: Have we made a positive impact in the lives of the people here at ASU?

If we have had an impact on your university experience, please write in. If we've published a comic that made you laugh or a news story that made you cry, write in. Did you completely disagree with one of our columnist's take on gun control or tax reform? Write to us. We look forward to reading your thoughts.

Please keep all letters under 300 words and include your name and University affiliation. Anonymity will not be granted. Send your letters to

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