Sparky’s Quill: Cake* and History

And so, another semester begins.We’re all wondering what our classes will be like and hoping we didn’t get the crazy professor who firmly believes milk is a conspiracy. Here at Sparky’s Quill we are determined to get you through this first week of classes in the only way we know how: by telling you dumb facts about the U.S. Presidents in order to motivate you to be more like them.

  1. Woodrow Wilson dreamed of being a stage performer. Instead of taking that 5 credit engineering class, drop it and go for the Acting 101 class you’ve wanted to take for so long.
  2. Do you have to write flashcard after flashcard for your language class? Try writing those vocabulary words in two different languages, at the same time, with both hands. Although his term only lasted 200 days because he was assassinated, we can all remember James A. Garfield as that one guy who could do that thing with his hands.
  3. Think you might have trouble in that speech class? Channel Theodore Roosevelt. While campaigning in Wisconsin he was almost assassinated. Instead of going to the hospital he decided to give his scheduled 90-minute speech with a bullet lodged in his chest. His speech began with “Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot; but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose.”
So now that we have proven that history is, in fact, awesome, here is a little bit about the bloggers and why they love what they study:

Tom getting to know a signer of the Declaration and Holly spending quality time with her favorite historical figure. Photos Courtesy Elizabeth Black and Cindy Solis Tom getting to know a signer of the Declaration and Holly spending quality time with her favorite historical figure. Photos courtesy Elizabeth Black and Cindy Solis

Hi! I’m Tom Black, Holly's boyfriend, and I am majoring in United States History and Anthropology here at ASU. I am a junior and I plan on pursuing a Master’s in public history after I graduate.  My favorite US historical figure is Theodore Roosevelt because he is the epitome of badassery.

Hello there! I’m Holly Solis, Tom's girlfriend, and I’m also majoring in United States History. I’m also a junior, and I’m looking forward to a career in creating exhibits for museums. My favorite time periods range from the Civil War to the 1940s.

Our goal for this blog is to make your history as interesting as possible. We’ll cover topics relevant today, from ASU history to Arizona, US and World history. We’re determined to present these topics in a way that everyone will understand and, hopefully, we can get others just as interested in history as we are. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know that Theodore Roosevelt held a boxing match in the White House? And he participated in it (of course).

*Also, the cake was a lie. Sorry.

Want to know more about a topic, but don’t have the time to research it? Drop us an email at or find us on twitter @sparkysquill.


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