The Campus Closet: A Year of Fashion — 2012 Style

It’s a new year and a new semester, which always means a recap of the previous one. January brings change, a fresh start, and new inspiration for The Campus Closet; But before I dive into the fashion of 2013 it’s time to say one last goodbye to 2012 and thank it for being good to me. It’s strange to think that someday 2012 will be vintage.

Fashion magazines with bookmarked pages of inspiration that guided the last year are piled on my coffee table begging for one last look through. Fashion is the culture of our generation and lookbooks are the influence. What will 2012 be remembered for? Jeffrey Campbell platforms, military jackets, fishtail skirts, studs, nail art, ombre and bow ties? The ‘80s will always be remembered for big hair and Prince, and the ‘60s had Jefferson Airplane and tie-dye T-shirts. With the new vintage craze and it seems youth is wearing a combination of anything and everything.

I put together a video showcasing my favorite photographs, lookbooks, and editorials of fashion in 2012.

Goodbye 2012 — you will be a year to remember.




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