The Campus Closet: DIY Draped Skirt

I stopped into SAS fabric store the other day looking for materials for a school project. While I was there I came across some awesome knit fabrics for only two dollars. They had a ton of potential for anyone’s wardrobe, so I decided to get crafty. In today’s day and age we shy away from creating our own clothes, but sometimes it can be so simple and fun.

Draped skirts are simple, quick and cute! Photo by Gabrielle Nelson Draped skirts are simple, quick and cute! Photo by Gabrielle Nelson

I put together this DIY wrap skirt project I came across. It’s easy, affordable, and looks adorable when on the go. Wear over tights in the winter, or pair with a tank in the springtime.

Step 1: Make sure your fabric is the right size to fit around your waist 2.5 times. Then take the fabric and wrap it around one time.

Step 2: Wrap the fabric around yourself again.

Step 3: Take the extra fabric and twist it once.

Step 4: Twist the fabric a second time, making sure it's extra tight.

Step 5: Take the remaining fabric and wrap it around yourself. Tuck it into the top of the skirt.

Bonus: You can take a needle and thread here for extra security if you plan on wearing more than once!

Step 6: Pair with a pair of tights, or wear over a swimsuit and enjoy your new skirt created by you!


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