The Campus Closet: Eco-conscious and Wildly Adorable Teeki Yoga Pants

When I’m not writing my fashion blog or going to school I am a die-hard yoginni, and the new recent obsession in my closet are my “hot pants” made by Teeki.

"Clouds" Teeki pants. Photo by Cole Kiburz "Clouds" Teeki pants. Photo by Cole Kiburz

Teeki “hot pants” are sustainable, wildly adorable, and extremely comfortable. They are a must-have for any active or eco-conscious fashionista.

Teeki started as a green swimwear line in Los Angeles, and now creates everything from scarves to skirts. They make all of their clothing out of recycled materials and every pair of yoga pants they create contains about 25 recycled plastic bottles. Being a lover of clothing I sometimes feel guilty about all of the pieces I own and the impact they make on the environment. The new line is really setting itself apart and creating a great example for other up-and-coming designers to think and act in a more eco-friendly way.

"Northern Lights" Teeki pants. Photo by Cole Kiburz "Northern Lights" Teeki pants. Photo by Cole Kiburz

This is how the designer of Teeki describes herself and her designs: “I am a mermaid. I am guided by water and the power of the moon. I am conscious about the earth and design with it to create beauty. I breathe with the universe. I create to inspire. I design through color and play with nature. I create with love. My dream is to live out the magic and to make you feel beautiful.”

You can tell her designs and patterns are influenced by nature; my favorite pair resembles a sunset. Wearing them during a run or intense yoga class is like a dream. Despite being made from recycled bottles, the material is surprisingly sweat resistant, flexible, and breathable.

You can find Teeki yoga pants locally at Urban Yoga, located in downtown Phoenix or online at

As a bonus on their website you will find loads of inspirational quotes and photos inspiring a healthy lifestyle! Go active fashionistas!


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