Boos & Bravos: Feb. 13

Bravo to recent movie release, "Warm Bodies." This adorable tale of romance between a human and zombie in a post-apocalyptic wasteland was devoid of all the typical characteristics that make up your average rom-com. In addition to portraying a light-hearted, humorous romance, the movie commented on the human condition of lacking compassion toward others. Also, how could you not love Nicholas Hoult?

Boo to Chris Brown's ostentatious lack of class at the Grammys. Brown remained in his seat as Ocean went on stage to accept the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album, while the rest of the audience rose to give Ocean a standing ovation. Brown's public spat with Ocean is well-known after a Jan. 27 altercation culminated as Brown threatened to shoot Ocean. Clearly, he's not over it.

Bravo to hilarious viral videos: See the ASU version of the Harlem Shake and the interview with Kai, the hitchhiker with the hatchet. The Internet has been kind to us this week.

Boo to the new Senate Resolution 1016, which would effectively allow Arizona lawmakers to nullify federal laws they don't like by arguing that they violate the U.S. Constitution.

Bravo to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, which was announced on Feb. 11. Benedict has spent the last several years systematically undoing many of the reforms made in the Catholic Church. While some speculate that Benedict might have resigned to ensure he has a choice in who the next pope will be, it's also possible that we could see a Catholic Church that starts to respect women, gays and other people who aren't white guys in ties from the upper levels — not solely in individual congregations. Boo to unimportant rankings. The NCAA men's basketball AP top 25 is a pointless rankings system. At this point in the season, every top team is playing their conference foes. All of them will lose to a couple conference teams. Now the top five will switch spots four more times before the season is over. We all know who is going to be the four number one seeds in the tournament. Let's just leave it at that. Bravo to former ASU football coach Dennis Erickson for finally landing a job Monday as the co-offensive coordinator of Utah's football team. Sure, ASU fans will never forgive him for how poorly his final season with the Sun Devils played out, but you can't help but be happy for him since everyone else on his previous coaching staff found other gigs quicker than he did. It's a nice step up from being a volunteer coach at some high school in Oregon.

Booravo to the craziness of Valentine's Day: Romantic candlelit dinner at McDonalds, anyone?

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